VIGOR 3900

4 Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports + 1 SFP Fiber WAN

2 Gigabit Ethernet  LAN ports + 1 SFP Fiber LAN

2 USB port for 3G/4G Backup (or Load Balancing), printer, or temperature sensor

500 simultaneous VPN tunnel, including up to 100 SSL VPN

Outbound & Inbound Load Balancing

Support High Availability (hardware redundancy)

Support PPPoE server with quota policy and MAC address filter

Flexible Firewall, Content Filtering, and Bandwidth Management policies

Central Management for Vigor Router, VigorAP, and Vigor Switch

Compliant with VigorACS2Support DrayDDNS (Since f/w v1.4.0)



Vigor3900 is a high-performance multi-WAN Load Balancing Firewall Router as well as a VPN concentrator for up to 500 concurrent users. It offers enterprise-level functions including Routing, Firewall and content filtering, PPPoE server, bandwidth management, QoS, Inbound Load Balancing, Web Portal, and High Availability.