VIGOR 2912

Dual WAN for load-balancing or redundancy

1 USB port for 3G/4G WAN, printer, or network storage

16 concurrent VPN tunnels, including up to 8 SSL VPN

Bandwidth management & QoS for the best VoIP quality

SPI Firewall with Content Filtering by Apps, URL keyword, and web category

IPv6 Support

Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi (Vigor2912n)



Support DrayDDNS since firmware v3.8.5

Support DrayDDNS since firmware v3.8.5



The Vigor2912 Series is an integrated network management solution designed for a small business. The Dual-WAN provides load balancing or link redundancy to ensure a reliable Internet access, and it is also a robust VPN server for up to 16 concurrent tunnels. The firewall and content filtering features can control the incoming and outgoing network traffic, and it also offers bandwidth management functions that optimize the bandwidth allocation and make the best use of the subscribed bandwidth.