Irene also faces of facing her child Erza, that is outdone by the their from inside the battle

Irene also faces of facing her child Erza, that is outdone by the their from inside the battle

Irene also faces of facing her child Erza, that is outdone by the their from inside the battle

Since Four God Dragons weren’t an integral part of the Dragon Municipal Combat referred to as Dragon Queen Event, these people were therefore effective that if they joined handle, every is missing

In the an unfamiliar area before Alvarez Empire Arch, good Dragon exactly who survived Acnologia’s genocide, Animus, went head-to-head having Natsu over the Dragon Shout Personnel, an ancient relic one to kept all of the energy away from Acnologia’s subjects once they passed away. Animus reported the employees, however, despite his electricity, he was not able to defeat a great dragonized Natsu, that has inadvertently stolen on the their invisible energy because a demon in the Book off Zeref, leading to Animus’ demise.

Anna Heartfilia, ancestor of one’s celestial genius Lucy Heartfilia, attempts to trap Acnologia inside the a period of time-space out of nothingness because of an area-aftereffect of the newest Eclipse Entrance, but Acnologia seems to eat the newest unlimited go out-continuum and you can rampages nationwide

Within the war which have Zeref’s Alvarez Kingdom by the Fairy End, new dragon Irene Belserion played a dynamic region on disagreement and eventually faced Acnologia when he participates about war, to your aim of seeking out all of the enduring dragon slayers. Irene next eliminates by herself whenever this woman is mortally injured. Their unique corpse is actually afterwards defiled from the Acnologia since the revenge getting carrying out him due to dragon slayer wonders, in which he continues with his hunt. Into the a final showdown from the black colored dragon, Lucy and also the rest of the Fairy Tail guild trap Acnologia’s physical body from the enchantment labeled as Fairy Sphere, and his spiritual thinking is forgotten by Natsu on dragon slayers’ joint power, effortlessly killing him. Having Acnologia’s demise, dragons is rendered extinct within the Ishgar and just the new Dragon Slayers you to definitely live the battle continue to be of the heritage.

However, somewhere else inside Earthland, diferenГ§a entre mulheres estrangeiras e americanas a number of dragons however endure. Five exceedingly solid dragons, known as the Five Goodness Dragons, go on this new continent of Giltena, which is largely unexplored. There have been to start with half dozen, however the Planet Dragon Jesus, Dogramag, was slain by a beneficial Dragon Slayer genius titled Elefseria, who was simply originally a home-educated Dragon Slayer themselves and also the founder of the basic wizard guild, Magia Dragon. Elefseria after transformed into a beneficial dragon using overuse off their miracle in addition to need replenish their lost cardio after Dogramag consumed it. But not, instead of Acnologia, Elefseria was not determined aggravated by the their fuel and you will instead remained a good, playing with his capacity to make an effort to ruin the remaining Four Jesus Dragons, that have been on their own stronger than Acnologia. At least one ones, Selene, brand new Moon god Dragon, got several people, together with a blade-saint dragon named Kurnugi, all of which were killed of the Dragon Slayer Georg Reizen, just who and additionally slain the remainder dragons out-of Guiltina conserve the 5 Dragon Gods. Given that Elefseria is actually incapable of defeat the 5 and you will Georg broke the rules from their deal so you can look her or him, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla were sent by Elefseria to try and destroy him or her, you start with the water Jesus Dragon, Mercuphobia. Mercuphobia, abreast of meeting her or him immediately following an encounter which have dragon slayers on guild Diabolus, greet them to his castle in water and you can expected him or her to eliminate him, because the immediately after many years of providing people in redemption getting his evil deeds during the ages previous, he had started dropping control of his stamina. Mercuphobia claims you to definitely just before the guy passes away, Natsu plus the rest of their team have to assist him regain his energies, when he has experienced them stolen by the a female called “the new White Mage” (a lady that have a massive smash for the Natsu who has just inserted Fairy Tail that is doing work under the term Touka), which in advance of the guy passes away, Mercuphobia intentions to totally free new town he stays in regarding awful fuel from their unintentional curse. not, before they may be able pursue the brand new light mage, about three dragon-people from Diabolus assault the brand new palace, and announce that they intend to eat the vitality of your Liquid god dragon by consuming this new white mage by herself.

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