Deal Management Boosts Conversions and Increases Conversions

Deal Management Boosts Conversions and Increases Conversions

Deal management is a method which involves analyzing, tracking and prioritizing your deals regardless of where they are in your sales pipeline. It’s the process of communicating with your team and working together throughout the sales cycle in order to increase the quality and performance of your deals.

The first step is establishing an efficient deal management process that is in line with your sales strategy and clearly defines the stages that each deal has to go through. This will help your team gain real pipeline visibility and automate time-consuming repetitive tasks that reduce productivity.

Next, ensure that all deals are centralized in a place that you can track their progress and evaluate their performance. Freshworks makes this easy by generating deal feeds that contain every piece of information related to the deal. This view allows you to add to-dos and mark the amount of time you spend on a deal. You can also tweet about people.

Set up mutual action plans with your clients and prospects after establishing clear expectations for each stage of the process. This will ensure that both parties are on the same page with regards to what needs to be done when, and when, and who needs to complete it. This will result in more predictable and streamlined workflows which will increase the likelihood of closing each deal.

When a prospect has reached the point of converting you don’t want to lose interest or get distracted by other issues. With a central, well-organized handoff process in place, even your most inexperienced reps can successfully lead the conversation and ensure that the deal is moving forward.

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